Inclusions in Baltic amber.
Plants, bobbles, seeds, pollen ect.

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Insects with wings.
Wingless insects.
Copal and amber from outside Fanoe.

These insects, air bobbles and plants were caught in the resin 45-55 mill. years ago.
Any suggestions on the exact name of the insects and other inclusions. Please let me know.
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All amber on these pages are from the North Sea. Found on Fanoe.

ke-165-280206-15mm.jpg (94833 bytes)?. 
1,5 mm.  k165-a3

Piece of wood.

ke-164-280206-5mm.jpg (90707 bytes) ?.
0,5mm.  k164-a3
? Insectdropping?
0,6 mm.
uwe-2-190106-191mm.jpg (141829 bytes) Piece of a wing from butterfly/moth?
20 mm.  u2-a3
ke-11-110106-80mm.jpg (156326 bytes) Piece of skin with hair.
8,0 mm.  k11-a3
ke-105-030106-38mm.jpg (96195 bytes) cocoons
3,8 mm.  k105-a3
5,5 mm.  k126-a3
ke-160-280206-41mm.jpg (185914 bytes) Flower.
8 mm.  k-a3-100112-21.
Part of a flower.
4,1 mm.  k160-a3.
  Amber in amber.
2,1 mm.  a3-21mm-2019a.
8,2 mm.  u301-a3
Amber in amber.
1,5 mm.  k400-a3.
1,0 mm. ke1-a3.
Insect try to escape the thin resin, leaving a trail in the resin 50 mill. years ago.Twig with ?.
6,3 mm.
uwe-17a-020206-30mm.jpg (99028 bytes) uwe-17b-020206-30mm.jpg (123354 bytes) Pupa? seen from two sides.
3,0 mm.  u17a-a3
ke-rav-9mm-230504a.jpg (18699 bytes) Male oak flower. ca. 50 mill years old.
0,6 mm.  k7-a3

Year 2004 Oak flower from Fanoe. 
0,9 mm.
2,4 mm.  s12-a3
s-aa-120204-22mm-34b.jpg (32024 bytes) ke-rav-63mm-230504b.jpg (35790 bytes) Male flower of an oak tree.
2,2 mm.  s34b-a3
Year 2004 male flower of an oak tree from Fanoe. 6,3 mm.
ke-rav-290104-20mm-20.jpg (31783 bytes) ke-rav-290104-14mm-16.jpg (27916 bytes) Flower.
2,0 mm.  k20-a3

Moss flower?
1,4 mm.  k16-a3
ke-rav-270104-14mm-3.jpg (23967 bytes) Insect wing.
1,4 mm.  k3-a3
Seedcapsule try to escape the thin resin, leaving a trail in the resin.
Flower 3,2 mm.  u310-a3
ke-rav-230204-33mm-60.jpg (20438 bytes) ke-104b-030106-140mm.jpg (77839 bytes)

3,3 mm.  k60-a3
14 mm.  k104b-a3

Flowerbud from an oaktree.
1,5 mm. saa-161210-6b.

ke-rav-270104-5mm-10.jpg (17343 bytes) Pyrite crystal.
0,5 mm.  k10-a3
Spider eggs? ca. 1,2 mm.
Seen from two sides.
s-aa-020104-60mm-11.jpg (26041 bytes) Prop. Pseudofossil.
6,0 mm.  s11-a3
ke-rav-040204-05mm-50.jpg (51217 bytes) Insect eggs/pollen?
0,05 mm. k50-a3

Hatched insect egg.
0,8 mm.  k136-a3

s-aa-120204-10mm-35b.jpg (34656 bytes) Part of an insect leg. 
Diameter 1.3 mm.
Insect 1,0 mm, beside insect leg.
ke-rav-240204-14mm-65.jpg (27729 bytes) Seed?
1,4 mm.  k65-a3

Some kind of seed?
3,3 mm.  k48-a3

insect leg.
2,0 mm.  u17-a3.
insect leg.
3,6 mm. u4a309.
ke-111-040106-8mm.jpg (133431 bytes)

?. 0,8 mm.  k111-a3.

?. 0,1 mm. k-3a-3. 

oak.jpg (12053 bytes) rav-10-12-03d.jpg (21919 bytes) Stellate hairs from oaktree. They are in many pieces of amber.
Length 1mm. oak-a3
s-aa-020104-11mm-2.jpg (24424 bytes) ke-rav-240204-16mm-68.jpg (33126 bytes) Seed?
1,1 mm.  s2-a3

0,1 - 1,6 mm. k68-a3

bobble.jpg (20085 bytes) bobbleb.jpg (15169 bytes) Bobble with water and moving air bobble. Total length 0,7mm. bob-a3

Cypress twig 1,7 mm.

Cupressaceae:  twig
25 mm.  u300-a3

rav-10-12-03g.jpg (32519 bytes) Bobble with mushroom growing inside.

Bobble 2mm.  ra03g-a3

rav-8-12-03c.jpg (20282 bytes) ravb2.jpg (13927 bytes) Seed.  ra803c-a3

0,1mm.  ra2b-a3

ravb12.jpg (18546 bytes)

Stamens of flower.
Rare.  s12-a3

ravb13.jpg (23232 bytes) Twig of Libocedrus (Coniferae: Cupressaceae) and needle of Abietoideae specie. Rare.

Crystalized leaf. s13b-a3
rav-7-12-03h.jpg (18253 bytes) rav-4-12-03j.jpg (11343 bytes) Web.
Frullania schumannii.
4mm * 0,7mm. k10a-a3

Inclusions in Baltic amber. from outside Fanoe.

Amber from unknown.
(Baltic amber)
1,8 mm.  vba1-13c

Volker Brachat. (vb)
Amber from unknown.
(Baltic amber)

2,4 mm.  vba1-13b.
Amber from unknown.
(Baltic amber)

1,2 mm.  vba1-11.
Amber from unknown.
(Baltic amber)
1,8 mm.  vba1-12.
Amber from unknown.
(Baltic amber)

0,1 mm.  vba2-13a.
Amber from unknown.
(Baltic amber)
0,8 mm.  vba1-10.

Inclusions in Copal.
Copal is like amber but much younger,
From 50 years to 10.000 years old.

Copal from ?
2,2 mm. u4a309a
Copal from ?
4,5 mm. u5a309
Seen from two sides.
Copal from ?
0,7 mm. u4a309b
Copal from ?
2,3 mm. u3a309
Copal from ?
1,6 mm. u2a309b
Copal from ?
2,8 mm. u2a309a
Copal from ?
2,6 mm. u1a309.
Copal from Madagascar.
?  2,3 mm.


Copal from Madagascar.
?  3,5 mm.


 Copal from Madagascar.
Springtail 0,6 mm.